Welcome to my kitchen! I’m Adeola “Yola” Sokunbi, Founder of Yolaskitchen & Ayo Hospitality Consulting. To be honest, food has ALWAYS been a huge part of my life. As a proud Nigerian, and being raised in a traditional Nigerian home, the ability to serve and host large groups of people was an essential skill. I found joy in entertaining family & friends while growing up and this is when I found my passion for connecting friends over food and culture. Through this experience, birthed my passion for culinary arts.

Seafood Gumbo

I’ve always wanted to pair my passion for cooking with my appreciation for traditional business operations. After declining my acceptance to culinary school, I decided to take a more traditional route by pursuing my Hospitality degree at Georgia State University. During my undergraduate studies, I found so much fulfillment in studying abroad, learning more about business, and gaining real-world experience from working in high-end restaurants as a service-based worker.

In 2017, I created my own supper club, called the Yolaskitchen Dinner Party. I’m so humbled to be able to do what I love, while employing my self-taught culinary skills among close friends. Thanks to my full-time career in the hospitality business, I was inspired to begin offering consulting services through my company, Ayo Hospitality Consulting. 

You can explore all things Yolaskitchen and Ayo Hospitality Consulting here on my website. Be sure to visit the Food Gallery to get those taste buds flowing from some of my recent dishes served during Yolaskitchen!

Thank you for joining in on the conversation and I’m excited to take you along on my food journey! – Adeola S. 

Yolaskitchen, Bringing the Vision to the Pan! 

Adeola Sokunbi, Founder of Yolaskitchen & Ayo Hospitality Consulting