Yolaskitchen Virtual Dinner Party


Yolaskitchen Dinner Party has always been the center of the brand – and we can’t let a little quarantine get in the way now can we? Soooo on Friday, May 1st everyone is free to join in the fun on Instagram Live and watch me answer some of your cooking questions and demo a Yolaskitchen Signature dish that you can enjoy at home! Make sure to follow @Yolaskitchen to find out which dish will be on the menu.

Now you have a choice, pick up your pre-packaged dinner and share with the family OR you can purchase the signature recipe and cook along for yourself. The party starts at 8:30pm and I will be interacting with guests on Instagram throughout the evening.

Below are the simple steps:

  1. Place your order via text at 404-919-1750 with your first and last name and quantity of items (individual or family pack) on or before Thursday, April 30th at 11:59pm.
  2. You will receive a payment link to purchase your items.
  3. After receiving your order confirmation, you will receive the pick-up address and additional instructions on Friday. Pick up times will be between 5pm – 7:30pm.
  4. Tune into @Yolaskitchen on Instagram at 8:30pm on Friday, May 1st!

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