Hospitality Corner: Restaurant Recovery

With COVID-19 swirling around, the hospitality industry by far has been the most affected. From airlines, hotels, event venues, to restaurants, all have been directly impacted by various restrictions that have limited patrons from traveling and gathering in large groups. For the last two months the U.S. economy has taken a downward spiral and several states are scrambling to think of ways to open up businesses so that owners can recoup their losses. This has been met with passionate discourse on both sides – those that think stimulating the economy is paramount and those that believe limiting exposure and saving lives is essential for there to even be a future.

This debate grew especially heated in Georgia, as it was one of the first states to open up while reported COVID-19 cases seemed to be on the rise. But as with most difficult decisions, it is often a choice between bad and worse with both options being vital. The silver lining in the midst of chaos however has been the businesses that have chosen to innovate – dine-in restaurants that allow guests to order online and offer contactless curbside pickup. Chefs that have been putting their personalities on display by participating in live demos and cooking competitions on Instagram. Even Yolaskitchen hosted a virtual dinner party where participants could pre-order their dinner and then log on to watch how it was made. Viewers had a chance to reminisce about their favorite Yolaskitchen memories in the comment section and organically began sharing their own recipe tips and ideas.

As with every major event, whether it be  9/11, Hurricane Katrina, or the Great Recession, we will all be forced to take a hard look at the way we used to do things and consider an alternative.

Ayo Hospitality Consulting promises to continue to seek ways to remain on the cutting edge so that we can thrive together in the future. Below are resources where hospitality business can refer to seek information on how to bonce back from this crisis.*

Georgia Restaurant Association – Guide to Reopening

James Beard Foundation – Blog

*will update links on a rolling basis

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